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Radio Band Expander Selection Guide

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Radio Band Expander Selection Guide

It is not possible for a Japanese radio to pick up all UK stations in the 88 to 108 MHz band as this requires a bandwidth of 20 MHz and the radio only has a bandwidth of 14 MHz (76-90 MHz).

We offer 3 products that have different frequency coverage allowing you to choose which one suits your requirements. Whichever product you select, you will always lose some stations.

Here are the frequency ranges of the 3 products:-

BC12         12MHz shift allows reception of stations in the range of 88-102 MHz

BC16         16MHz shift allowing reception of stations in the range of 88-90 and 92-106 MHz

BC18         18MHz shift allowing reception of stations in the range of 88-90 and 94-108 MHz

The BC16 is our most popular band expander and is a stock item. The BC12 and BC18 are made to order.

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3 March 2020
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