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Key Fob Case Removal T108 Series

Key Fob Case Removal T108 Series

To replace the case or battery on your three button control, care needs to be taken to ensure the circuit board is removed safely and undamaged. Please follow the simple steps below.

1) The fob case;

The T108 model key fob is shown below on its front and rear;



2) Removing the case:

The three button case is clipped together and has to be popped open. The best method to open the case is to use a flat headed screwdriver.

i) The first step in removal is to pull the rubber strap down and around the upper half of the case, shown below;


Bending the strap down will reveal a small gap between the two halves of the case, close to the strap


ii) Next, place the flat headed screwdriver into the gap and twist the blade of the screwdriver to separate the two halves of the case


iii) Once the case start to come apart, apply gentle pressure to the remainder of the case and it will come completely apart as shown below;

At this point the board may be removed from the case


3) Replacement:

Place the board in the new bottom half of the case locating it over the two plastic pins


4) Closing the case up

Close the PCB inside a new case by placing the two halves of the case against each other, ensuring that the gaps at the bottom near the rubber strap align correctly, as shown below;


i) When the pieces are in place, firmly press them together until the entirety of the case has clicked into position and is tightly closed as shown below;


5) Functionality check

To ensure that the fob works in its new casing and that all components have been aligned correctly, simply press on one of the buttons to check for the light that should appear in the centre of the fob. If the light comes on, then the fob has been assembled correctly;

18 September 2019
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