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SpeedGenie Case Study

SpeedGenie Case Study
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SpeedGenie Case Study


Many working environments have safety restrictions regarding the speed that vehicles may travel when operating in certain areas. Examples of such vehicles are Fork Lift Trucks and Airport Baggage Handling vehicles.

Bridgwater Electronics was commissioned to design and develop a speed alarm that could be set to operate at a preset speed, alerting the operator of the vehicle that the safety speed limit had been exceeded.

Project specification

The design brief was for a robust, low cost device that could easily be installed into various types of vehicles. Further requirements included a large tolerance to fluctuations in power supply and a large dynamic range of input speed signal.

During subsequent meetings, a new product was created - SpeedGenie, which not only fulfilled all of the project requirements but is also now available to be installed in most vehicles which have a conventional road speed signal.


The new SpeedGenie speed alarm provides an innovative low cost solution that reminds the driver of a vehicle when they exceed the speed they are comfortable with. With just a single button it can be set at any speed.

SpeedGenie is now used in many vehicles including, CAT quarry trucks and private vehicles. It is ideal for built-up areas, motorway driving and the ever-present 50 mph contraflows. For professional drivers and those that spend long periods on the road it helps to prevent drivers from driving penalties.

13 September 2019
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