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SpeedGenie Information

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SpeedGenie Information

Why not buy a Radar/Gatso/Laser Detector or a GPS Camera Locator?

The Radar/Gatso/Laser speed camera detectors such as 'Snooper' do work but they are expensive and can give 'false alarms' because they detect other radar/radio sources such as security cameras and traffic lights. Hence you can not rely on these types of products to protect you - many people switch them off because they become a nuisance. Detector products are legal - unlike the radar and laser jamming devices that are now available - but they are not the complete solution to saving your licence.

The GPS Speed Camera Mapping systems such as 'Geodesy' and 'Road Angel' also work but these systems are equally expensive and there is a subscription charge. One major disadvantage with the GPS camera locating products is that they do not predict the position of the mobile speed traps or the hand held speed guns. These are the bigger threat as the Police deliberately conceal the presence of these systems.

What are the advantages of SpeedGenie?

SpeedGenie is a low cost solution that will always work. It allows the driver to control his or her speed in a manner which bests suits their own style of driving. It is always in the background monitoring road speed and reminds you when the speed limit that you have set is exceeded. By fitting SpeedGenie, you no longer have to be continuously on the look out for cameras, you can concentrate on the important task of driving. It is so easy to operate - you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Is SpeedGenie suitable for all vehicles?

SpeedGenie may be fitted to most cars, vans and trucks. There is a single switch to be installed on to the dashboard or some other convenient position. You can have the switch installed in a position to suit your own requirements - discuss this with the installer. The rest of the system is hidden from view. On some types of older vehicles an additional transducer may have to be fitted.

How does SpeedGenie work?

When activated, the SpeedGenie system measures the speed at which your vehicle is being driven. When you press the switch, the system remembers your current road speed and uses this as your own personal speed limit. When you drive at a speed 10% higher than this set limit, the system will 'beep' at you to warn you. All the time you are above your set limit, the system will give 3 beeps every 4 seconds. When you drop below the set limit, the system stops beeping. When the system is beeping, it also flashes the light built into the operating switch.

As an example, if you press the switch at 40 mph, the system will alert you when your speed reaches 44 mph and will stay active all the time you are above this speed. When your speed drops below 44 mph again, the system stops beeping.

Each time you press the switch, your current road speed is used as the limit. As you enter different speed limits, you just adjust your road speed accordingly and then press the switch to set your new limit.

How do I operate SpeedGenie?

As with all good products, operation could not be easier! The sequence is as follows:

Setting the System

  • Step 1   Drive at the speed you wish to be limited to.
  • Step 2   Press the switch to activate the system. The switch will light to indicate that the system is on.
  • Step 3   If the selected speed is exceeded, the system will beep and the switch light will flash.
  • Step 4   To set a new limit, just press the switch again when you are at your required speed.

De-activating the System

  • Step 1  Press and hold the switch down for 2 seconds. The switch light will go out.
  • Step 2   The SpeedGenie is now de-activated until you require it again.
3 March 2020
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