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Remote Key Fobs

If you have a 2 button remote car key fob you will need to determine which type of 2-button controller you have. Also, in order for us to supply, where necessary, the correct programming procedure, you may also need to determine the model number of your alarm system.

Electronic Keys (Touch Keys)

There are two types of Electronic Keys as seen below. For these controls, we need to know the model number of your system.

Electronic Tag

There is only one type of Electronic Tag so we do not need any further information when you order this item.

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  1. Laserline 3 Button Case
    Laserline 3 Button Case
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  2. Laserline 3 Button T116
    Laserline 3 Button T116
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  3. Laserline 3 Button T108
    Laserline 3 Button T108
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  4. Laserline 321 Touch Key
    Laserline 321 Touch Key
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  5. 261T Tag
    261T Tag
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  6. Laserline 621 Touch Key
    Laserline 621 Touch Key
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How to determine the type of key fob
Open up your keyfob controller - there is a small screw near to the rubber strap that must be removed and then the 2 halves of the case may be separated. The control type number can be found embossed on the reverse side (not the side where the electronic components are fitted) of the green printed circuit board.  It will always start with a 'T', followed by a numeric code i.e. T101-V2 or T96.

The images to the right shows the inside of two controls. The 'T' number is circled at the top left of each control.

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Once you have identified this number, click on the relevant Laserline item above. If you have problems identifying your keyfob, please call us on +44 (0) 1278 789552, Monday to Thursday 0830-1700, Friday 08.30-14.00. Please have your control open when you call us.

How to determine the model number of your alarm
If you have control types T101-18, T101-V2, T101-V3, you will need to know the model number of your alarm system. This should be on the certificate of installation and the owners manual. If you do not have either of these, you will need to look on the serial label which will be on the alarm control unit installed on your car. Start by looking on the siren under the bonnet. If it is an all-in-one control unit/siren it will have more than 10 wires and the model number will be marked on the serial label. If it has less than 5-wires it is just a siren and the alarm control unit will be inside of the car, behind a trim panel or under the dashboard - the model number will be on the serial label.

Click here if you have a 3-button control.

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