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Key Fob Case Removal T116 Series

Key Fob Case Removal T116 Series

To replace the case or battery on your three button control, care needs to be taken to ensure the circuit board is removed safely and undamaged. Please follow the simple steps below.

1) The Remote Control Case

The model T116 case parts are shown below together with a fully-assembled control.

T116 Case PartsT116 Complete

2) Case Removal

Insert a small flat-blade screwdriver into the gap between the black plastic case and the silver plastic clip. Gently ease the silver clip away from the case with the screwdriver and at the same time, pull the two sections apart.

T116 Screwdriver

T116 Screwdriver 2

Once the sliver clip has been removed, the two halves of the black case may now be separated. Note that there is a locating lug at the front of the case and the bottom half of the case has to be pushed forward in order to separate the two halves.

T116 Case Halves

3) Circuit Board Removal / Battery Replacement

The circuit board is mounted over two small plastic pillars and may be lifted away from the plastic base. Take extreme care when handling the circuit board as the electronic components may easily be damaged.

The battery is mounted on the underside of the circuit board. See photo below.

T116 Circuit Board

To replace the battery, slide out the old battery from the retaining bracket and slide in the new one (CR2032) making sure that it is inserted the correct way (battery + facing outwards). See photo below.

T116 Battery

4) Re-assembly

Ensure that the battery is fitted correctly and then place the circuit board over the pillars in the bottom half of the case. The battery side of the circuit board must be towards the case.

Assemble both halves of the plastic case together making sure that the lug at the front of the case is located correctly. Push the silver clip back in place and test that the control operates by pressing either of the buttons and checking that the light in the centre illuminates.

18 September 2019
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