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Universal Timers Case Study

Universal Timers Case Study
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Universal Timers Case Study


There are an increasing number of applications where equipment installed into motor vehicles is required to operate for a period of time after the vehicle becomes stationary.

An example of this is the use of security cameras on buses and coaches where the cameras are required to record for up to 1 hour after the vehicle ignition is switched off.

A company who specialise in the installation of mobile security equipment asked Bridgwater Electronics to develop a product for this application.

Project specification

The requirement was for a universal timer that could be preset by the installer to different time periods to suit the individual application. A further requirement was for versions that could be used on 24 volt and 12 volt vehicle electrical systems. As is the case with any automotive product, the design had to be robust both electrically and mechanically.

Results & developments   

This product has now been used in a number of other applications. These include GPS Tracking/Telematics systems and Incident Data Recorders. A further adaptation of the timer allows it to be used to inhibit truck reversing alarms for a timed period to avoid noise nuisance at night.

It is also available with a fixed time period that may be specified by the customer when placing the order.

Universal Timers provide a
time-delayed, event-triggered
power supply for aftermarket
equipment such as data
recorders & tracking/
telematics products.

19 September 2019
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