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Key Fob Case Removal T101 Series

Key Fob Case Removal T101 Series

To replace the case or battery on your two button control, care needs to be taken to ensure the circuit board is removed safely & undamaged. Please follow the simple steps below

1) The fob itself & screw removal:

The images below show the complete fob and the location of the screw on the back of the fob along with the necessary small headed cross-head screwdriver;



2) Removing the screw:

To remove the screw, hold the fob and using the cross-head screwdriver, turning it anti-clockwise until the screw is successfully removed. Place the screw in a safe place to avoid losing it. Below the fob is shown with the screw successfully removed.


3) Opening the case

Once the screw has been removed, simply hold the upper and lower parts of the case and pull them gently apart. The case will open to reveal the circuit board inside, as seen in the two images below;



4) Model Number

When the case has been opened and the rear of the circuit board has been revealed. The model number can be found above the positive terminal of the battery. The model number is etched into the board and begins with the letter T (T101V3 for example) this is the model number that Bridgwater Electronics requires when ordering a new key fob;


5) Replacing a broken case:

Simply remove the circuit & battery and place in the new case front, ensuring the PCB is seated correctly.


6) Closing the case:

To close the case, first re-align the case sides together once the board has been inserted correctly as shown below; the first image showing the end of the case aligned correctly and the second image showing the sides of the fob case aligned;



7) Replacing the screw & finishing the replacement:

Once the case has been closed up and you hear a 'click' of the sides closing, turning the case on its front to expose the hole for the screw. Replace the screw & tighten in a clockwise direction. This will complete the case replacement and your fob is now ready to use;

18 September 2019
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