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AP900C Cruise Control Unit
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AP900C Cruise Control Unit

AP900C Cruise Control Unit5

AP900C Cruise Control Unit...

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AP900C Cruise Control Unit

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AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars Easy to fit Great Support Written by

Citroen Dispatch Having discovered that my vehicle is on a "Change Year" another supplier was very vague as to what was required, however after a quick call to the guys at Bridgewater it was quickly ascertained that the correct kit could be identified by the plug on the throttle pedal. Photos of the options where sent to me by e-mail and within half an hour the order was placed. fitting the kit was a breeze especially with the vehicle specific crib sheet and simplified set up instructions supplied with the kit. I would give 6 stars if it was an option.

AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars Great Kit and Great Service Written by

The people who work here are some of the most helpful guys I've dealt with period. Super friendly, always wanting to do their best to help you get your unit working. I have an 08 Plate Focus 1.6 Auto Mk2 facelift model (08 plates were the first year of the facelift). I purchased a AP900CI which typically is plug and play (as its gets pre programmed for your specific car) but for some reason my car didn't want any of it. But after an hour or so on the phone to the guys they were able to walk me through getting the unit working and calibrated for my car (We believe it may be running the older Focus Mk2 systems, but i guess we'll never know). The unit is self is fantastic I never knew how useful a limiter would be, within the brief drive too and from the gym in the centre on town I found myself not worrying about speeding or anything. Hit a 30/40/50 limit just set the limiter and away you go. The cruise well it does what it says on the tin, I went briefly on the motor way home got up to 70 and hit set, held me at 70 all the way no problems at all. If you toying with the idea of the AP900C/i speak to the guys here they'll be able to give you all the information you need to make up your decision. Cheers Matt

AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars CITROEN JUMPER 2014 Written by

I installed the AP900C myself. Straightforward instructions. Works as OEM. Looks even better. Colin was very helpful and friendly in the purchasing process. I enjoy a lot more my trips now.

AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI Estate (2012) Written by

I found the instructions comprehensive and easy to follow. I also received further assistance and technical advice from Colin at Bridgwater via phone/email and always found him to be patient and knowledgeable. The kit has now been fitted for nearly two months and in that time I’ve driven to Wales and back in an afternoon (5 hour round trip) and a long weekend break in Cornwall (5 hours each way). These journeys were far more pleasant and a lot less tiring than they otherwise would have been without CC. I can’t recommend this CC kit and Bridgwater Electronics enough. AP900C – Cruise Control Unit. CM35 – Cruise Stalk Control.

AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars no more speeding fines for me Written by

For my work I cover just over 60,000 miles a year and I drive a 2014 Ford transit custom,6 speed,155 BHP. Since I started driving this van in January 2015 I have been very unlucky and have been caught 3 times by Mobile speed camera vans . With the points on my licence now mounting up I thought it was time to try and keep my speed down which is not easy with such a powerful engine and the tall gear ratio that the transit has to keep the emissions low. The van will happily do 80mph in 4th gear and 100mph in 6th and the worst thing is you don't even know your going this fast as it runs so quiet. After looking on the web and speaking with Bridgwater I decided to buy one of there cruise control kits, The installation manual was very easy to follow and with this I was able to fit the kit myself with no issues at all. Set up was also explained very well in the manual and was successful first time round with no issues. The column stalk is easy to operate and with the 2 memory buttons, I can program the system to hopefully keep my speed within the law and most importantly keep my licence and also my job. I would highly recommend this cruise control kit for all speedy van drivers and also recommend Bridgwater for there knowledge and help with any enquirers about their products, Great product and great Service from Bridgwater Electronics

AP900C Cruise Control Unit 5 stars DIY Motorhome Cruise Control Written by

The kit supplied was comprehensive and very easy to fit. I had one query which was quickly resolved with a phone call to Bridgwater Electronics. Saved a fortune doing it myself and now enjoy driving my motorhome even more than I did before.

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