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SpeedGenie Speed Alarm

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SpeedGenie is an innovative product that reminds you when you exceed the speed that you are comfortable with.

SpeedGenie is an innovative product that reminds you when you exceed the speed that you are comfortable with. With just a single button to operate, it can be set at any speed and when you drive at a speed 10% higher than this set limit, the system will 'beep' at you to warn you. It is ideal for built-up areas, normal motorway driving and the ever-present 50 mph policed contraflows.

What are the advantages of SpeedGenie?

SpeedGenie is a low cost solution that will always work. It allows the driver to control his or her speed in a manner which bests suits their own style of driving. It is always in the background monitoring road speed and reminds you when the speed limit that you have set is exceeded. By fitting SpeedGenie, you no longer have to be continuously on the look-out for cameras, you can concentrate on the important task of driving. It is so easy to operate - you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Is SpeedGenie suitable for all vehicles?

SpeedGenie may be fitted to most cars, vans and trucks. There is a single switch to be installed on to the dashboard or any other convenient position. You can have the switch installed in a position to suit your own requirements - discuss this with the installer. The rest of the system is hidden from view. On some types of vehicle, an additional transducer may have to be fitted.

Activating The System

Steps Description
Step 1 Drive at the speed you wish to be limited to.
Step 2 Press the switch to activate the system. The switch will light to indicate that the system is on.
Step 3 If the selected speed is exceeded, the system will beep and the switch light will flash.
Step 4 To set a new limit, just press the switch again when you are at your required speed.

De-Activating The System

Steps Description
Step 1 Press and hold the switch down for 2 seconds. The switch light will go out.
Step 2 The SpeedGenie is now de-activated until you require it again.
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