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Laserline 621 Touch Key

Laserline 621 Touch Key

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Laserline 621 Touch key

  • Genuine Laserline Touch Key
  • Compatible with:- Laserline touch key immobilisers, Laserline alarm systems with secure override touch key feature

Please note that this type of Laserline electronic key (touch key) must be programmed into your system in order for it to work. We supply the programming instructions with all controls but you must have a working Laserline touch key (or remote control in the case of an alarm system) in order to start the programming procedure.

In order to supply you with the correct programming procedure, we need to know the model number of your alarm/immobiliser system.

If you do not have a working control key or for help identifying the system model number, please call us on +44 (0)1278 789552


Programming The Key

Laserline immobiliser / override keys are paired with a compatible immobiliser or alarm system via a secure "Teaching" process, which can be performed by the user. Full instructions are included with each key.

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Can you programme the fob if I don't know the model number of the alarm? Cheers Rob

We will need to know the model number of the alarm/immobiliser in order to supply you with the correct programming instructions. Please call us on 01278 789552 if you would like help with identifying the model number of your system.

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