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GPS Road Speed Signal Interface

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GPS Road Speed Signal Interface

This product uses GPS technology to generate a digital road speed pulsed signal. The signal may be used to operate an additional speedometer, control a front parking sensor system or provide an alternative speed signal for a tachograph. A further application is in controlling 'left turning' warning alarms.

This module provides an accurate method of speed measurement, it is easy to install, has a built-in antenna and is suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicle electrical systems.

The speed pulse signal has a frequency proportional to road speed.

  • 1 Output
  • GPS Speed Pulse Generator
  • Suitable for 12v electrical systems
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Open sky hot start
  • 24v version available

Operating Voltage:  10 - 18 volts dc

Maximum Operating Current:  35 mA

Pulsed Output:  1 Hz / MPH (3600 pulses/mile, 2237 pulses/km)

Brand Bridgwater
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