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Flashpoint 2 Button T101-V2

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Flashpoint 2 Button T101-V2

Flashpoint 2 Button - T101-V2

  • Genuine Flashpoint remote fob
  • Supplied with battery (GP23A)
  • Compatible with:- 776, 719, 640, 600, 560, 570.
  • Programmable remote
  • Programming instructions included
  • You must have a working key fob in order to program in a new one
  • Spare cases can be purchased separately

Please note that this type of Flashpoint key fob must be programmed into your alarm system in order for it to work. We supply the programming instructions with all controls but you must have a working Flashpoint remote control or a working Flashpoint electronic key (touch key) in order to start the programming procedure. The electronic key is an option on some Flashpoint alarm systems.

We need to know the alarm model number in order to provide the correct programming instructions. Please note that the model number 904 is a siren only - it is normally used on the Flashpoint model 776 but please check which model of alarm you have.

If you do not have a working control key, please call us on +44 (0)1278 789552

A tutorial 'How to' can be found [Here] for case removal.

The remote willᅠbe supplied with aᅠbattery (GP23A ) when purchased. Additional batteries may be purchased here if necessary.

Brand Flashpoint
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