Cruise Control Kits

Cruise Control Kits

Bridgwater Electronics supply aftermarket Cruise Control kits suitable for use on many vehicles, to check your vehicle compatibility please see our guide for compatibility for popular vehicles, or use our enquiry form and we will get back to you asap. These kits allow the driver to relax their feet from the pedals and just steer. The system is easily activated and de-activated by the flick of a switch. There are a number of driver benefits that a cruise control kit can offer when activated:

  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (lowering your carbon footprint).
  • Allows you to concentrate on the road and not your speedometer.
  • Helps avoid unintended speeding.
  • Allows you to set a maximum vehicle speed limit in safety camera enforcement areas.
  • Reduces driver fatigue and enhances driver comfort.

The Bridgwater Electronics range of Cruise Control products comprises 3 systems:-

  • AP500
  • AP900
  • AP900C

All 3 systems may be operated by one of 3 different types of control:-

  • CM7                      Dashboard Mounted Control
  • CM21                    Steering Wheel Mounted Control
  • CM35                    Left Hand Stalk Control

The AP500 system is suitable for vehicles that have mechanically (cable) operated accelerator control,

The AP900 & AP900C systems are suitable for vehicles that have electrically operated accelerator control. This type of control is often referred to as ‘Drive-by-Wire’.

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AP500 Cruise Control Unit

AP500 Cruise Control Unit5

AP500 Cruise Control Unit...

AP900 Cruise Control Unit

AP900 Cruise Control Unit5

AP900 Cruise Control Unit...

AP900C Cruise Control Unit

AP900C Cruise Control Unit5

AP900C Cruise Control Unit...

CM 21 Steering Wheel Mounted Control

CM 21 Steering Wheel Mounted Control

CM 21 Steering Wheel Mounted Control...

CM35 Cruise Stalk Control

CM35 Cruise Stalk Control

CM35 Cruise Stalk Control...

CM7 Dashboard Mounted Control

CM7 Dashboard Mounted Control

CM7dashboard mounted control...


Read more about the benefits of aftermarket cruise control kits, as well as a little history on the development of cruise control technology itself.