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AP500 Cruise Control Unit

AP500 Cruise Control Unit

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This kit comprises a main electronic control module, wiring harness, motor and control cable.
Included in the kit are all of the necessary fitting accessories and installation manual.

To complete the system, select either the CM7, CM21 or CM35 control.

The following electrical connections must be made to the vehicle:-

Power (+12v Ignition), earth (0v), speed signal, footbrake switch and either the clutch switch or RPM signal.

User Benefits

  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (lowering your carbon footprint).
  • Allows you concentrate on the road and not your speedometer.
  • Helps avoid unintended speeding.
  • Allows you to set a maximum vehicle speed limit in safety camera enforcement areas.
  • Reduces driver fatigue and enhances driver comfort.
  • Simple operation.

The Cruise Control Functions / Features

Functions Features
ON/OFF Disable Cruise Control, (Safety Override)
SET Set cruise control at present speed
ACCEL Accelerate vehicle and set to new speed
TAP UP Tap speed up by 0.6 mph ( 0.9 Km/h ) per tap
DECEL Decelerate vehicle and set to new speed
TAP DOWN         Tap speed down by 0.6 mph ( 0.9 Km/h ) per tap
COAST Disengage cruise control
RESUME Resume last set speed
MEMORY Press and hold button Memory I or II to program or select your desired speed

Suitable for use on many vehicles. We will require the following information about your vehicle in order to process your enquiry;

  • Make & Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Manual / Automatic
  • Petrol / Diesel

Please check our guide to cruise control kit compatibility for details on popular vehicle manufacturers and models.

The AP500 comprises:

  •     Electronic Control Module
  •     Actuator
  •     Wiring Harness
  •     Fitting Kit
  •     Fitting Instructions

Electronic Control Module Inputs

  •     Brake Switch - Disengages cruise if footbrake pressed
  •     Clutch Switch - Disengages cruise if clutch pressed
  •     Road Speed
  •     Engine RPM - Option if no clutch switch fitted

Dimensions of Actuator

112mm x 106mm x 102mm

Cable length = 1.4 metre

Dimensions of Electronic Control Module

90mm (120mm including mounting lugs) x 78mm x 30mm

5 Average Rating 5/5 (2 reviews)
5 stars Superb Written by

Great kit works perfectly. Fitted it to my 2007 Corolla along with CM35 control stalk. Colin in Bridgwater was incredibly helpful and always replied straight away to emails - unfortunately such a rare thing these days! Couldn't recommend the kit or the service highly enough.

5 stars AP500 Cruise Control Kit - Brilliant Product. Written by

My old 1999 Rover 620 TI regularly covers 15-20,000 miles a year with a lot of the mileage on motorways. This particular model never had cruise control as an option and I had been looking for a couple of years at retro fitting cruise control to make the long distance driving easier. The choices were to strip the cruise control components from a scrapped,suitably equipped rover 623 or buy and fit an after market kit. Internet research led me to Bridgwater Electronics who were very helpful with my questions and I finally decided to purchase the AP500 electric kit with the steering wheel column mounted CM35 command module. Other command modules are available to be mounted on the dashboard or the steering wheel. The kit is not cheap but is of good appearance and appears to be well made and comes with very nearly all you need. It also comes with a 12 month guarantee and as much free advice as you need. The instructions need to be read very, very carefully! I worked slowly and carried out the fitting over four days. The mechanical fitting was fairly simple but did involve making a suitable aluminium mounting plate for the actuator. I also needed a suitable clutch switch which I adapted from a cheap switch bought at the local motorist shop although Bridgwater can supply a switch kit. The wiring was straight forward once the correct wires have been identified. A Haynes manual and the internet proved useful. The cruise control worked immediately on first turn on and only required very slight tweaking following the instructions in the setup procedure. I tested the cruise control whilst on a weekend round trip to Inverness and back, a distance of just under 1000 miles. The driving was much more comfortable with no aching right ankle and the added bonus of increased mpg of 5 whilst cruising at the legal limit. All in all I have no hesitation of recommending the AP500. I have no connection with Bridgwater Electronics except that of a very satisfied customer

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